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Here's our exciting lineup of topics and speakers!

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DAY 1 (September 12), Fred Kavli Auditorium

Time (EDT)        Topic and Speaker

9:00am – 5:30pm      Registration (for in-person attendees)

10:00am                       Welcome (Professor Debbie Senesky, Stanford University; Dr. David Gottfried, NNCI Coordinating Office; Dr. Mihail Roco, NSF)

10:15am                        Setting the Stage for the Future of Nanotechnology Infrastructure
                                          NSF Nanotechnology Infrastructure: Past and Present (Dr. Mary Tang, Stanford University)
                                          The Future of the NNI and Critical Role of Infrastructure (Dr. Branden Brough, NNCO)
                                          Preparing a Diverse STEM Workforce to Advance Emerging Industries  (Dr. James Moore, NSF Directorate for EHR)

11:45am                       Lunch in the Great Hall

12:30pm                      Preparing for the Future: Nanotechnology 2035 (Panel Discussion)
                                        Lightning talks on technology roadmaps and related infrastructure & workforce needs.     
                                        Panelists:  (1) Dr. Melissa Cowan (Intel)
                                                              (2)  Dr. Jeffrey Miller (Kavli Foundation)
                                                              (3)  Dr. Victor Zhirnov (Semiconductor Research Corporation)
                                                              (4)  Professor Cherie Kagan (University of Pennsylvania)
                                                              (5)  Dr. Nadia Carlsten (SandboxAQ) 
1:00pm                        Panel Discussion  
1:45pm                        Brainstorming Session

2:45pm                         Break

3:00pm                         Catalyzing Nanotechnology Education for K-to-Grey (Panel Discussion)
                                         Educational, infrastructure, and workforce development needs for all learners.  
                                         Panelists:  (1) Dr. Jared Ashcroft (Micro-Nano Technology Education Center)
                                                              (2) Dr. Rae Ostman (National Informal STEM Education Network)   
                                                              (3) President Tavarez Holston (Georgia Piedmont Technical College)  
                                                              (4) Dr. Holly Leddy (Duke University)        
                                                              (5) Mr. Landon Loeber (Micron Technology)
3:30pm                         Panel Discussion
4:15pm                         Brainstorming Session 

5:00pm                        Day One Highlights (Nexight Group)

5:15pm – 5:30pm     Closing Remarks (Professor Debbie Senesky, Chair)


DAY 2 (September 13), Fred Kavli Auditorium

Time (EDT)        Topic and Speaker

9:00am - 5:30pm      Registration (for in-person attendees)

10:00am                       Welcome from the Chair (Professor Debbie Senesky, Stanford University)

10:15am                       Translating Nanotechnology from R&D to Market
                                          CHIPS R&D (Dr. Lora Weiss, Director of the CHIPS R&D Program Office)

                                          NSF's Lab-to-Market Programs (Dr. Barry Johnson)
                                          Crossing Nanotechnology Startup Valleys of Death: Insights and Lessons from Raxium's Journey (Dr. Rick Schneider, Google)
11:15am                        Brainstorming Session

12:15pm                       Lunch in the Great Hall

1:15pm                         Reimagining the Research Ecosystem & Social Responsibility
                                         Societal and Ethical Implications of Nanotechnology (Dr. Ira Bennett, Arizona State University)
                                         Digital Interconnection for Sustainable Innovation (Dr. Vijay Narasimhan, EMD Electronics)
                                         Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (Professor Raymond Samuel, NC A&T State University)
2:15pm                         Brainstorming Session

3:00pm                         Break

3:15pm                         Engineering Radical Networks
                                        Core Facility Scientist: An Emerging Career Path (Professor Philip Hockberger, Northwestern University)
                                        Networked Nanofab Capabilities Down Under (Dr. Christopher Gourlay, Australian National Fabrication Facility) 
                                         Radical InfrastructurePartnerships (Professor Michael Spencer, Morgan State University)
4:15pm                         Brainstorming Session

5:00pm – 5:15pm     Closing Remarks (Professor Debbie Senesky, Chair)